Being a Green Mother

The life & times of a modern-day goddess

I'm Jenn, age 35, witchy womyn, fairie-loving, magick-making, crunchy granola, dirt-worshipping treehugger and mom to 6/#7 on the way due February 7th 2009. Im divorced from my husband of 14 years (father of most of my children) and remarried to my lover/best friend/partner in crime.

As far as outside appearances go--I'm 5 ft 2 in, very voluptuous and busty, burgundy dreadlocks, and hazel eyes. I dress pretty funky, my style is a combo of goth/bohemian/hippie/gypsy... I have 8 earrings in each ear as well as 6 body piercings (nose, eyebrows, labret, monroe and navel), and I have one tattoo, a celtic "tree of life", with plans for more in the works.

Some of my hobbies and interests include: playing games on the computer
and playstation (I love the Sims, any of the Final Fantasy games,
and many other RPG's)
reading (esp scifi/fantasy/suspense) cutting and coloring hair, medievalism
and renn faires and pagan festivals, listening to and making music, coloring hair and doing dreads/braids/extensions,
midwifery/homebirth, crafts of various sorts including beading and jewelry
making, reading tarot, natural medicine, breastfeeding and women's rights,
witchcraft and goddess studies and ritual, vampirism, fairies, BDSM, gardening, spending time out in
nature, dancing in the rain and talking to the moon...
80s music, abuse survivors, alternative, anime, anne rice, aromatherapy, attachment parenting, bdsm, bi girls, birth, bisexual, bloodplay, body piercing, bondage, books, breastfeeding, breasts, buffy the vampire slayer, celtic, celtic knotwork, chocolate, crafts, csi, cuddling, cunnilingus, d&s, depression, doulas, dread extensions, dread heads, dreadheads, dreadies, dreadlocks, dreads, erotica, evanescence, everquest, faeries, fakehair, feminism, forced fellatio, girls kissing girls, goddess, goth, graphic novels, hair coloring, harry potter, healing, henna, herbal medicine, herbalism, highlander, hippie, holistic medicine, holistic therapies, homebirth, hugging, hugs, intentional communities, internet, intimacy, kisses, kissing, lesbian, magic, magick, making love, medieval, midwife, monty python, moon, mother earth, motherhood, movies, music, mutual masturbation, native american, natural beauty, natural parenting, nature, nipple clamps, oral sex, organic, paganism, pain, parenting, piers anthony, playstation, polyamory, pregnancy, pride, punky hair, purple, pussy, relationships, renaissance fair, rock, roleplaying games, rubenesque, sacred sex, sappho, sca, science fiction, sensuality, sex, sex toys, sims, snuggling, soulmates, south park, spankings, spirituality, star trek, star wars, surviving depression, tantric sex, tattoos, the crow, the princess bride, the wild geese, thrift stores, unassisted childbirth, vaccination alternatives, vampires, videogames, voluptuous women, wicca, witchcraft, womyn, xfiles, yoga